Chess is Like a Camping Trip

[kids]..imagine with me for a moment: imagine that your parents have enrolled you into a summer camp program with about 20 other children your same age. The instructors have provided the list of materials for the summer and your parents have dropped you off at the high school where you will be joining your classmates.Continue reading “Chess is Like a Camping Trip”

Within the Oak Forest

The reflection of moonlight before dawn illuminated the iridescent outlines of freshly formed dew drops in the brush. With great care, we followed our father’s footsteps through the tall grasses. The ambient frequencies of toads were amplified only by the crisp springtime air. As we entered the fringe of the towering oak trees, the canopyContinue reading “Within the Oak Forest”

The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me

“The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me” is an album released in 2006. Band name: Brand New. My age: 14. My emotional crutch: This album. Fast Forward to Today I begin most days with several minutes in the shower reflecting upon a recent dream or recent social gatherings or recent readings. Today theContinue reading “The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me”