Uncle Paul

Uncle Paul aka Scrappy the Trainer is King Crunkey’s uncle who saved young Crunkey after the Wild Zombie stampede and who nominated Young Crunkey to lead the OG mission to Crunkeyland. Uncle Paul is now the training manager and bout coordinator at Ape-In Boxing Club.

Dale Gherkins on Uncle Paul via Twitter (@11brose)
“..to know Uncle Paul is to know a Father! ..the man could never-ever lead another man or woman astray.. …Uncle Paul always knows what’s best.. ..at the end of the day he knows the path for all of us….back in 88, Uncle Paul was a burgeoning young surveyor in the thicket of Crunk Forest.. ..always taking it day by day..he would return home entirely exhausted…but never empty handed.. ..if not fresh meat..he could at least find some Chaga….occasionally he’d make it home with a large pack full with Agarikon, but what he really was searching for were the pristine delicacies: Amanita Muscaria. Where-ever he’d find one, a dozen followed, enough for the whole entire crew!..until one-day the Crunktown elites did their damndest to turn him into a bit of a local legend….the thing is..Uncle Paul hadn’t the slightest clue about any of it.. ..”local Legend you say…sounds fancy…i got some projects to finish up”.. ..was pretty much the gist he handed out once the reporters infiltrated his workspace to ask Qs…the story that they all were after happened while Uncle Paul was diligently on his duties amongst Crunk Forest.. ..see..Uncle Paul bore witness to the very first wormhole explosion on Terra..but he wasn’t sure if he’d lost his mind or gone crazy…so he didn’t know who to tell!..now I can tell ya, that Uncle Paul has shared that story of the WH with me..and it all adds up..but if you want to hear the truth from the man himself, you’ll have to find him where he is at…which ain’t any easy task…..now Uncle Paul does have a few good ole boys, that also can back up his story..but don’t go creating any sorta villain out of this man…he was just on the job..in the right place and time..to be of assistance..to the King…i simply can’t say much more about it at the moment!..but if you do happen up this smiley old man around Crunktown…let him know..that ole King Crunkey hasn’t forgotten about Uncle Paul.. ..and above all else..he and MooonKey would like to repay their savior sooner than later!” — -DG

Uncle Paul

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