Uncle Paul

Uncle Paul aka Scrappy the Trainer is King Crunkey’s uncle who saved young Crunkey after the Wild Zombie stampede and who nominated Young Crunkey to lead the OG mission to Crunkeyland. Uncle Paul is now the training manager and bout coordinator at Ape-In Boxing Club. —Dale Gherkins on Uncle Paul via Twitter (@11brose)“..to know UncleContinue reading “Uncle Paul”

Jake Paul, Fight Club Tribute

Jake Paul aka Lights Out is Uncle Paul’s Son; King Crunkey’s formerly-crackhead, saved-by-boxing cousin, who joined Crunkeyland with Leon Skum and Jeff from IT in Lunar Cohort 2021 during a test transit of the glitch drive wormhole between Crunktown->Crunkeyland. Jake prefers his nickname Lights Out so he isn’t “mistaken for that stupid fuckin YouTube punk.”Continue reading “Jake Paul, Fight Club Tribute”