Jake Paul, Fight Club Tribute

Jake Paul aka Lights Out is Uncle Paul’s Son; King Crunkey’s formerly-crackhead, saved-by-boxing cousin, who joined Crunkeyland with Leon Skum and Jeff from IT in Lunar Cohort 2021 during a test transit of the glitch drive wormhole between Crunktown->Crunkeyland. Jake prefers his nickname Lights Out so he isn’t “mistaken for that stupid fuckin YouTube punk.”

Jake Paul

Dale Gherkins on Jake Paul via Twitter

/7a – Jake Paul, aka Lights Out – Crunk #7499/..as ways lead onto ways..the story of Jake Paul owes much credit to Uncle Paul (6a;just above)– U.P. was like a father to many..and mentored young Jake as a Trainer at Ape-In Fight Club.

Fight Club Saved Jake from becoming a crackhead!
— “I’m not a crackhead, but I can fight like one!”–
— “thank god for my trainers at Ape-In FC..otherwise I’d probably be some tweaking-skumbag-crackhead dahntown!”

— Jake prefers his nickname, Lights Out so he isn’t mistaken for “that stupid fuckin Youtube punk…come fight me bro!”– Lights Out is vying for the welterweight division title and trains with U.P. @ Ape-In Fight Club.

— Although he looks like a total b*tch..Lights Out actually holds a local club record for busting 27 zombie skulls in a single full moon raid.– Lights Out always plays The Party Starter by Will Smith to get pumped before a fight🦾 @crunks_nft #crunkcomic #JakePaul #crunk7499

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