Dale o’Gherkins

Dale o’Gherkins

Dale o’Gherkins aka Dale G | Dale OG | Big DoG the Crunkeyland Vibe Regulator and Manager of Banana Hammocks Crunk Cafe and Nightclub joined Crunkeyland after being chosen for the OG Crunkeyland mission by impressing upon Young Crunkey at a Crunktown DJ competition. He knows all of the modern classics and even some of the classical classics, but mostly nowadays he just spins up instant classics from “the M E A N I N G W A V E warp drive”!

/11a – Dale o’Gherkins – Crunk #8892/ ..i can’t get this voice out of my head..is this thing on..can y’all hear me okay? – ..I’m Dale Gherkins, local storyteller..also work in Vibe Regulation..ask the right questions while I have the mic and who knows which tale you might learn..

/11b – Dale o’Gherkins – Crunk #8892/ ..call me Dale o’G..i’m not god..don’t get it twisted..just listen up and chillax while i keep the beats straight up spinnin..all day radio DJ at your service..live and direct amiright..lets get it! — @crunks_nft#crunkcomic#dalegherkins

/11c – Dale o’Gherkins – Crunk #8892/ ..i know all of the modern classics and even some of the classical classics, but mostly nowadays I just play instant classics for y’all outta the ~~M E A N I N G W A V E~warp drive~~ — @crunks_nft#crunkcomic#dalegherkins#crunk8892

/11d – Dale o’Gherkins – Crunk #8892/ – if ya need a host with the most OG toasts just add me to the calendar! – i entertain all ages on all stages so before you go off clowning..keep your guests from frowning.. – keep me busy ill keep you feeling steezy and breezy..jah feel DoG

Dale o’Gherkins

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