Zigzwanathan Zugzwang aka Ziggy Zug or ZugZ

/King Crunkey’s alter-Ape..and gaming bro..born in Crunk Forest during a lightning storm.
..if anything ever happens to Crunkey, ZugZ will know what to do.
When ZugZ isn’t advising King Crunkey, he plays chess with Chrys Tal to earn coaching rewards and clout tokens.
ZugZ has a lot of Clout..all of it earned through hardwork and resiliency..”never ever give up” he always says.

– Ziggy Zug, (or ZugZ to homies), has a lot of Clout around Crunktown, and all of it EARNED with Patience and Determination. – ZugZ believes he was conceived during a full-moon Stoned-Ape Orgy; doesn’t know his dad

– Ziggy Zug’s step-dad is a Wizard Chess World Champion, and was around for ZugZ birth and naming ceremony but he certainly isn’t his real dad.
– as a teen..Ziggy Zug started to play XBOX..vintage DK on N64..

– in highschool, ZugZ started to live stream his gaming sprees…then covid hit..so now he streams all-day long..even started streaming some of his old chess lessons for the Growing-Ape Wizard Academy. – looking for a chimp-translator so you can talk with your pet, ZugZ gotchu


– Ziggy Zug’s Clout is at all-time-high rn so he is trying to spread the wealth by starting a music studio where all the homies can come through and kick it..maybe spin some beats and play mario or something..



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