Leon J. Skrumpf, IAF

..Mr. Skrumpf originated of the Interstellar Sect of Androids but never Learned to Code.. ..and so he ended up only being able to find work as a Wormhole Driver. It was a simple, boring life for Leon but what can you expect from someone who still uses Pandora.

..the Andromeda Galaxy and Floki Fractal were his primary transit destinations for several centuries until the Android Alert Force reassigned him into the Milky Way to investigate a series of nuclear explosions near Sol..

..this required Leon to initiate a fresh Wormhole Loop into an unknown region nearest to Sol labeled TERRA..and a few moments later he arrived in CrunkForest to be exact..&..it’s been constant chaos near Crunktown ever since..

First, the wormhole arrival unthawed a horde of Zombies that had been locked in a deep freeze near the Abysmal Plains for centuries.
Then, the Zombies stampeded through CrunkForest and eventually made their way into CrunkTown..
The Zombie stampede destroyed century old Apehouses in CrunkForest and the leaders of the Forest Apes returned to CrunkTown demanding justice. Additionally, the Zombie stampede disrupted the Stoned Apes Sacred mating rituals, thus leading to the endless series of orgies that we see nowadays each full moon.

Leon J. Skrumpf the Interstellar Android, was for better or worse, eternally banished from Crunktown after this a steady stream of chaos was attributed back to his arrival and his God Damn Wormhole…

..lest we mention his attempts to boost morale amidst the chaos by running for office..or the time he started pumping that meme coin XRP. All the scandals above left ole Leon Skum..as he came to be known.. roaming CrunkForest penniless & in disrepute…

..but anything can happen in Crunktown..so stay tuned..to learn how exactly how Leon might redeem himself amongst The Crunks….who knows..he might just end up living on the moon if he can keeps his nose clean!

…just the other day, my friend Ringer, founder of RingerLeader Investment Corp. & Ape-In Fight Club mentioned an investment opportunity…he was looking for Wormhole Drivers..and a Few Rusty old developers to BUIDL some fancy LLC called a DAO..it was pretty complicated you’ll have to look into it for yourself.

..Ringer’s consultant, Yieldy, says “even just a small investment today might pay out dividends several centuries. But don’t bet your rent money on it! DYOR”

..Crunkeyland to learn the art of farming as a free man. His hard work paid off and King Crunkey delegated 1/4 of Crunkeyland’s cannabis crop land to be managed by Leon. Sometimes Leon tends bar at Banana Hammocks. Dale G let’s Leon practice his DJ skills between 3am and 4am on weekdays but only if everyone has already left the club.

Addendum: May 15-2021 // for the Legionaires Collection // Leon dreams of being praised as an intergalactic savior–he saved trillions of small gracile species in a previous Eon..since then he has been enjoying a more relaxing employ as a wormhole driver..and things have been more or less calm aside from some political charades among the highest ranking androids..one faction supports free choice..and another demands a new pledge of loyalty for all android agents..and the latter is seeming to prevail. Leon is now being reassigned into the Terra portal for a chance to prove himself a worthy planetary savior once again..with a stretch goal of 15 Girlfriends if he saves the solar system..a new car if he saves the galaxy. Like all other androids, Leon is an eternal agent and pledges all politcal loyalty to the Interstellar Android Force! His fatal downfall is a deep love of spreading viral context-less meme coins! —

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