Crypto for Normies

The energy surrounding crypto currency is surging continually. An ocean of incentives are available to those who maintain a positive balance in their wallet (just to name a few — Voyager ; Coinbase ; BlockFi). Daily rebalancing strategies are born from on-chain volatility; anyone with a bit of internet access can ride these tides toContinue reading “Crypto for Normies”

The Stars are Projectors

Projecting our lives down to this planet, Earth. Carrying us to this plane of self reflection. The universe is the fullest expression of the self. But self expression occurs at all levels of stellar projection. There are unknown connections on the opposite side of each plane; each scrap of fabric. We are exploring one sideContinue reading “The Stars are Projectors”

Nature and the Cosmos: The Great Paradox of Conscious Creation

Look around & notice the fractals. Objects that cannot be attributed to the physical creation of man are easily distinguished from manmade objects when defining their fractal dimensions. The definition of fractals can be boiled down to: patterns arising from a mathematical plot that have the same dimension (amount of jaggedness/disorder) regardless of zoom level.Continue reading “Nature and the Cosmos: The Great Paradox of Conscious Creation”

Value Your Time – Dream Bigger

Wind the clocks, flip the hourglass, I’m back with a late-night snack. My first real job after college landed me behind the phones selling new websites to old plumbers. My moderate success in sales only developed after moving beyond the fear of rejection. A good organization will push its employees beyond their comfort zone toContinue reading “Value Your Time – Dream Bigger”


Dear Jackie, Please update your social profiles so that I can find you and we can chat — your Wister quote is one that I had written down in my journal after spending a summer in Wyoming. This essay addresses many points that have been revolving in my mind. LAND VS. CIVILIZATION: IS IT WAR?Continue reading “Guest Post LAND VS. CIVILIZATION: IS IT WAR? BY JACKIE FLETCHER”

A Course Reflection – Philosophical Reasoning

  –Sharp Eye Sherlock– Logic in the words we say and ideas we express is taken for granted but when studied and examined, logic is not nearly as intuitive as it should seem.  Both inductive and deductive reasoning are present in all of our thoughts whether we realize it or not. Now that I realizeContinue reading “A Course Reflection – Philosophical Reasoning”

With a keen eye — sometimes — good news appears..

As an environmental studies major, environmental journalism was a required course. I think my professor would agree that journalism in many ways cannot be taught, but certainly can be edited. I did not excel in the course, but I managed to impress him with my final report. Enjoy a bit of conservation journalism below. [GEOLContinue reading “With a keen eye — sometimes — good news appears..”

And Flint Still Doesn’t Have Water Right?

But seriously.. I grew up in a small town that thrived on oil. I saw both sides of the need for safe drilling. I was raised to love the wilderness, not only for hunting, but also for the kinship it offers to all. Yet, that sense of community seemed lacking in our small town. OilContinue reading “And Flint Still Doesn’t Have Water Right?”