Wake Up Wealthy

If you became a millionaire overnight, what would you do differently tomorrow?

I’d buy more rounds of drinks for my friends, and I’d clean out the butcher counter at my local grocery store, but would my desires and inspirations change? Would I immediately start giving my inheritance away to struggling mothers and homeless clinics? How could I use my wealth to ensure my future remains wealthy? It would be quite tempting to join a team on Wall Street, but perhaps my impact should be more direct. Would I save the world without a thank you? Would you?

The greatest thing about an open mind is its ability to entertain all of those ideas above without becoming too attached to any single one. I’m not a millionaire, but I can think and act like one. If others see me acting like a millionaire, they just might mistake me for one.

Wealth is nothing else but mindset.

Share ideas, monitor their growth, harvest the fruits.

Soon, you’ll experience riches beyond your dreams.

Be infinite ∞


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