The Hero’s Journey

On the search for my ideal self, I uncovered the hero residing within. May we always strive to live lives of serendipitous compromise. And although this introduction is indeed vague, how else can I humbly introduce my story?

I am, and always will be, the hero of my story. If I were any other character in my story — if you were any other in yours — then this, this would be arrogance, this would be a disservice to the gift of life. By playing the hero’s role, and resisting a life filled with comforts, I will discover a higher energy — untapped potential. My biography is incomplete, I’m still living it.

Mapping the Hero's Journey
Have you crossed the threshold?

The first 26 years of my life have been filled with love, generosity, adventure, and challenges. The foundation of my character is built by myself in response to experiences with family, friends, lovers, and enemies. But the most impactful relationship I’ve experienced in 26 years is the partnership I share with Nature.

To be the Hero throughout my Journey, I need to utilize all of my tools. If untapped potential is within my body(mind), then I must harness that energy to maximize my growth. My partnership with Nature keeps me pruned into accordance with the unseen seasons.

Having shared my inspiration for living the hero’s role, I am going to roughly map out my hero’s journey.

Blessed birth. I grew up in a non-traditional, but extremely supportive and loving family.
At a young age I made lifelong friends. We all inspire each other to take risks and live life to its fullest capacity.
I lived a scholarly lifestyle throughout grade school. I was blessed to have many dedicated educators recognize my good habits and promote my best ideas. This feedback launched me onto a path of endless curiosity.

After extending my education to the University level, I found my greatest passions were hidden deep within the secrets of the Earth. I studied Environmental Studies, and earned my place within an honors field study in Wyoming. Read more about it here: “The Lonesome Crowded West“. A summer living and learning within a wholly unfamiliar ecosystem amongst strangers unlocked my deepest inspirations. Upon returning to the University life in the fall, I realized that my diploma would never be my savior; there is so much more to life. Literary influences hold a major role in guiding my mind along its crooked path. Here’s a summary of my favorite reads. To be my own hero, I must lean on the maps left by other heroes, and I must consult them often throughout my journey. There can be no other way.

I wrapped up a few more semesters at the University, but I found myself out of funds and a few credits short of my degree. Regardless, I got to keep the debt. Better yet, I got to keep the knowledge.

Those lifelong friends I mentioned earlier re-entered my tale (or did I re-enter theirs) at precisely the time I finished my formal education. We packed up and made our way to the big city. Untapped potential..

We found the sales jobs, hustled to make rent, scrounged around for some decent meals. We all had the belief that something better was in store. We had the desire to go find the missing pieces. And we had the faith to carry out our plans. And our determination began to bear fruits. From our humble beginnings in entry level sales, we now find ourselves living out passionate dreams; a professional musician/father, a photographer/entrepreneur, a chess coach/software developer.

However, in my busy life, I balance many competing interests, and entertain multiple perspectives. By doing so, I am able to better appreciate the need for Nature. When the tastes of “the real world” become unpalatable, nostalgic memories fulfill the void. To be the hero, I must know a way out. Here’s a short story about my favorite escape: “Within the Oak Forest”.

I’m 26, and I’m in quadrant 1 on The Hero’s Journey, yet to cross the threshold. Shall I pick up the pace? Nah, this path is meant to be walked, lived, and read about.

1. Ordinary World – I grew up in the ordinary world. I went to school with my community, learned how to earn my place in society, and was bound to various levels of responsibility.
2. Call to Adventure – After struggling through college, I found the greatest adventure was also a major challenge. However, now I find myself in a place I never could have dreamt, it seems.
3. Refusal of the Call – Perhaps procrastination is my refusal. Perhaps 2019 is the year I move beyond procrastination. I am constantly growing my chess repertoire, (find me on the FIDE servers or — 11brose). Leadership opportunities are within reach at work..I ought to humbly remain on a steady course. Nature will prune my overgrowth, yet I must remain wary of the ego. A humble hero is best. A humble hero shares his ideas honestly.
4.Meeting the Mentor – Mother that you..are you my mentor? No, I don’t think I have met my mentor. Am I destined to be a chess champion, software guru, something else altogether?..I’m still looking.
5.Crossing the Threshold – When I get the chance to take a leap of faith, I believe, I’ll desire to do so.

So am I a hero? To me, absolutely yes. I hope you’ll also find it within yourself to become the hero of your journey. Be Infinite.

Thanks for reading. I hope we share more experiences together soon!


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  1. Excellent perspective – thank you for the understanding and always keep the faith.


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