The Man Who Never Sleeps: A Legend

The Man Who Never Sleeps

Winding up my mind is a man who never sleeps.

At waking he reminds me of the time he always keeps.

Through the seasons of the summers and the whispers of the winters,

A wound up man inside my mind plans on but can’t forget.


Once upon a weekday’s noon he found himself a dreamin’,

He checked his clock, or stopped my watch, but please don’t call it treason.

“A chance to rest, could do us best,” said he to the land of plenty.

And once we were done, the dance had begun, on this bound up bundle o’harmony.


Up from his nap, he snatched his hat, and headed off a-walking.

Around the town he looked around, to plan today’s new waking..

A tree over there, and a breeze for your hairs, will keep us together, tethered..

But when no ones around, its just us and a sound, whoever, where-ever, forever.


Up on the hill, life felt just so still, he thought, “We’ll call this dreamin”


And once upon a time, when the binding unwinds, the whole world might just stop a-turnin’.

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