Bookstore magic strikes again. Bills and NFL fans find relief. The sun was shining a little bit. Everything is alright.

Sorry to ramble.

I think next for me I need to really make these posts into a podcast and then i’ll bring the bullet points out from that podcast into the newsletter. I feel like that’s how I meet you all where you need me to be..too much reading..too passive..we want to hear the feedback that I’m getting from hyperspace at large…so for now…i’ll write to you all little bit of what I might want to say..

I got really screwed up by the whole pandemic thing…it stopped alot of momentum….it inflated my under-achieving delivery driving employment habits..I was another rutted personality who stayed locked into their lane..ignoring all the advice that I was seeking out..wanting to establish my own brand and get one up on the world…yet I waste my un-earned pandemic wealth on mindless investments based on the work of others…or worse..lack-luster investments into my own creativity that I became too lazy to polish up into something that’d actually be worth showing to mom.

But I still kept on keeping on throughout..I found reasons..or excuses..wherever I needed them..and have no reason to wonder why I am not where I wanted to be…lazy.

So I’m trying to call it out a little bit..and to create something new this year that I can sustain…something that is neither a tedious rant..nor a pedantic lesson..but something that I am so excited to publish that I get that nervous heartbeat pumping each and every day.

Let’s outline how I can get there…and if you’re still following along, here’s a hidden lesson…keep going when you feel the friction picking up…in the past..I would let the friction stop me right now…but not this time!

So my number one mistake right now in life is complete lack of ownership of my sleeping routine. I blame the pandemic. But it is my own fault. I’ve always been terrible at following alarms. And then I go on to constantly seek out extra psychic energy all night in the chess arenas..or lately..trying to hack chatGPT AI into doing all the hardwork that I’ve been stubbornly postponing for years…I’ll admit I do end up utterly exhausted at the end of the night..but is the juice worth the squeeze…is the water worth its salt…shheeet…i know my time is worth gold…or a BTC..

And then let me just add this ironic twist to my reality…unread sort me into a box of read emails if you can..but for email inbox is atrocious..almost comical how I will delete the same spam email and not unsubscribe..or better yet..i go on and make a new address that i can forward important emails to only, and then i don’t keep up with that curated inbox either..but look…communication is key..I just need to unlock some organizational skills that supercharge my emailing technique. My friends, we are gonna make it all work..please stay tuned for a better highlight style newsletter from coffeefordessert as soon as we get it all set into place.

But this brings me to my next [set of] grievance[s] to air out…(..i didn’t get any Festivus invites this year…grievance 1A..) and so you all get to read my grievances a little late since the new year just refuses to start unless you get all this crap out!

Grievance 1. Why coffeefordessert. Why pick such a weird contradiction. Are you going to rebrand. Are you going to migrate. No. I’m Chad Fucking Dale (CFD) and coffeefordessert is an essential brand that must exist as the ironic and strange and inspiring contradiction that it is. Contra – Diction // i like ideas that have a lot of contrast. I also like Koans..I like to change the emphasis through repetition to fully explore all permutations of potential meaning.

Grievance 2. Why Chess. You could literally be a star in any field. Even fields that have good paying opportunities. You literally go out there and pick the strangest most prodigy and troll filled world to try and fight the way to the top of and you started into the battle way past your prime and yet you still insist on living this Coach Chad Life. Why Coach Chad. Why? Why Chess?? IDK…idk

Grievance 3. You can’t be a Radio DJ unless you go live. When are you going live. Why don’t you go live right now. Why do you hog all of the music all the time. Why are you so selfish. Share the music, Brose. Quit ghosting the good tunes. Go live and Coach and Play or just keep on hogging all the good vibes’s your world..whatever you think..

Grievance 4. Wen Moon? WTF happened to your Luna investment. For real for real…What happened to my Luna investment. Full out..what happened. Well I want that to be a full podcast…might be a long podcast series to really get it all told..and SHAME that i didn’t get it out further but then it’s like that sense of like what if i would’ve been more aggressive in promoting my LUNAtic ideas naively only to misguide even more of my followers who proxy against my judgement. So wrapped up all in this grievance against myself is thus…I gave so much attention to LUNA and should have given it my full effort but I didn’t give myself permission to be the broadcaster and researcher that I was capable of becoming through the hard work and effort and so my LUNA investment became a zombie and I have so much guilt from the FOMO and the related blunder after blunder after blunder…full stop..there is not a regulation in the world that would’ve saved me…i was terribly afraid of doing the accounting work related to being profitable, i guess. Frankly, I failed to Think and Grow Rich (pun intended!). I failed real early. I failed to believe that I was worthy of the wealth that I was fully entitled to withdraw from the chain at literally any point throughout my journey as a LUNAtic.
–lot’s a vague excuses there so here’s the TLDR if you really want to know.
–Initial LUNA investment in January and February 2021. Successfully Traded my initial investment into a significant gain..kept the bulk of those gains on-chain to use and attempt to profit from staking rewards and also from new protocol releases. Therefore, despite being in the ecosystem for over a year before the chain halted in May 2022, I was completely blindsided by the UST depeg event, although I was fully aware of that risk throughout.
–Post Depeg LUNA investment did in some ways bring my accounts back to life in the sense of being credited with the new LUNA (LUNA2) on the new chain that was forked to remove the bold UST minting mechanism which caused the dramatic downfall…((Thanks SBF…for real..Sam and Alameda and other related lenders seem to have been able to leverage their exchange assets so that an attacker could pool up the assets necessary to counter trade the entire reserves that the LUNAtic community had been working to establish transparently (..and perhaps this attack was carried out indirectly via SBF/FTX/Alameda own customer assets..and whether intentionally or unintentionally..i don’t really also seems like the attackers had a fully financed media team to smear the LUNA community..but I’m no conspiracy theorist..I’ll just let the blockchain records and the bankruptcy lawyers sort it all out for the next decade…))..yet, I digress..
–Post Depeg LUNC investment..since most of my OG LUNA was locked up into staking contracts or other liquidity pools, once the OG chain kicked back up (LUNA became LUNC–UST became USTC), I was trading my USTC and LUNC like monopoly money and I think I might’ve made some profits but nothing significant. It’s monopoly money. But I did have some NFTS that got caught on the LUNC chain, and that’s where things have gotten interesting in Web3..NFT Communities..Crunks Migrated to Polygon..this is good news..(..whoa just outlined another weekly podcast segment that I have planned..focus brose..)…my NFT collections are not a Grievance at portfolio is significantly more diverse now than it had been back in April — May 2022. Whether fate or not….still HODLing..everything!
–Voyager/Bankrupt Exchange Assets..other significant development to Grieve about…my “LUNA EXIT PLAN”..on Voyager’s exchange (which seemed so foolproof a year ago) got blown up..(..definitely related to the grievances I relayed earlier under my breath about Sam Bankman Fried and the Psyop happening at FTX/Alameda over the past year from their Bahamian League of Legends Penthouses..What Happened..does Hillary know??) nicely hedged and fully Liquid Voyager portfolio got all froze up and I lost my exit plan…and am ashamed…honestly..grieving..but it wasn’t even that much money..more grieved that if I had been broadcasting..i probably would’ve led all my viewers to have their accounts slaughtered the same as mine.

Grievance 5. What if this..what if that..wahhh..wahhh.wah…shut up. Go get it back. Go do something. Go fix your routine up. Go fix your newsletter. Go fix your budget. Go fix your templates. Go fix your schedule. Publish. Set your alarm. This is child’s play. This is nothing. But it is something to an extent that it is something holding you back. Friction. That we are pushing through.

In summary: Keep Going.

To my haters: See ya soon..I’ve got no Grievances left!

Chad Fucking Dale (cfd)

It was a good year..all things said and done..this one can easily be better!

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