Hey All, Chad here with a personal update!

I learned today that Youtube has a whole job search zone for helping creators find other creator profiles. Similarly, I’ve been updating my resume all over the place, but thought I’d send one out to my email followers too. I am looking for new projects to contribute on and would love to get started right away!

Please use the link below to check out my Youtube resume yourself!


If you are coming across my profile with a passion for chess in mind, let’s get started yesterday…I have soo many ideas and I don’t want them to go to waste!

Please also consider adding me to your project for any type of content that is quasi-educational..i’m also very passionate about crypto/web3 entertainment & broadcasting!

My professional experience started as a motivated McDs Manager in High School and wound its way into SaaS and Software QA as a young adult.

All the while, Chess Coaching had been keeping my routines in place and aligning my schedule with the school calendar. With the related flexible schedule, I fill my extra hours and summer & winter breaks by delivering groceries and other local food deliveries..i must say, it was very rewarding to have that role in the peak of the pandemic..but I’m capable of much more creativity and hoping to find a new career path that fits my passions!

Over the past 2 years, I was blessed with the opportunity to create Virtual Learning experiences for the innovative Education Company : Synthesis. This opportunity has now come to a close as the company began refocusing their resources / cutting out the assistants..rightfully so..since their innovative tech has improved so much over the year!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! I can assure you that if you are still wondering if I might be a good fit, please reach out! I’m honestly a nice guy and will not bite!!

In my youth, I was always able to earn my recognition by paying attention in school and putting my hours in at McDs…but that energy lead me into a discombobulated University experience as my adult life became ‘real’ .. eventually I became so overwhelmed by choice and opportunity that I froze up and flunked out and then ran away to start fresh..

As a SaaS Sales Rep, I found some success in cold calling and earning rapport from a few intrigued business owners. But frankly, I’m too honest of a salesman, and eventually lost trust in the products I was selling.

Luckily, I landed another gig as a GIS Mapping QA on-site at Apple’s HQ in Austin, and this was wonderful while it lasted..but the essence of my job was to give feedback so that automated mapping tools could learn the patterns themselves…so eventually I worked myself out of a job and my contract opportunity ceased to exist.

I’m ready to flip the script around and have a little bit of attention pay me!

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