The Stars are Projectors

Projecting our lives down to this planet, Earth. Carrying us to this plane of self reflection.

The universe is the fullest expression of the self. But self expression occurs at all levels of stellar projection.

There are unknown connections on the opposite side of each plane; each scrap of fabric. We are exploring one side with perfectly seamless connectivity. Is the opposite side projected just as seamlessly?

This is all to be taken on the metaphysical level..first..and then realized within the individual circumstances.. similar to the journey of Odysseus, whereby one’s greatest dreams and desires manifest everything ‘good’ just happening, somewhere else? Digging deep within will answer this..I reckon..

have you projected the fullness of your soul.. or does the dullness preside, awaiting for a stranger to awaken the hidden patterns of universal connection still to be uncovered? That’s god!!

He’s the projector; awakening you. His image exists in every level of cognition. It spreads fractally across all dimensions of time and space. We recognize it first in family, then later within our friends, within our mentors, and in our dreams and certainly within our art. When we see his image in ourselves..we balk at the way..too vain..

All the holy books are as such…tools to awaken you to the realization that everything is happening as a necessary outflow of fractal energy; designed by God, to flow through You — albeit humbly.

Eternity is beauty gazing at herself in the mirror. But you are eternity..and you are the mirror! -“The Prophet” Kahlil Gibran

The magic of the soul is projected through stars into this very moment and into every moment to set your heart ablaze…to be molded precisely as the universe sees fit..and to be hardened for eternity.

It’s a genuine process..and the devil really tries to trick you each step of the way… but if you explore deeply enough..all that’s left to find is the projector..and that’s God…the stars…


One response to “The Stars are Projectors”

  1. Thanks Chad …. I am glad you are focusing on your writing and related commentary. Stay committed to what your future holds and don’t lose the valuable skills you have developed. You have much to offer and I pray you find a path to prosperity through commitment and hard work.




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