Value Your Time – Dream Bigger

Wind the clocks, flip the hourglass, I’m back with a late-night snack.

My first real job after college landed me behind the phones selling new websites to old plumbers. My moderate success in sales only developed after moving beyond the fear of rejection. A good organization will push its employees beyond their comfort zone to ensure they grow into an asset. Although it is often tempting to measure success in comparison to others, my experience in sales taught me to measure success in terms of personal growth. In sales, I started as a novice, developed skills to meet quotas, and left with dreams of financial freedom.

The influences that I encountered in the world of sales enlightened me to a new lifestyle that I believed to have only existed in dreams. How wrong was I.

During slow sales in February, a stellar teammate persevered none-the-less by closing on average 1 deal each day. 24 selling days in February. 24 deal closes. Not only did he accomplish far beyond individual expectations, but this highly esteemed salesman continuously used his free time to benefit developing sales reps, like myself (sans commission) by sharing his intelligence, confidence, and technique.

As I replicated his successful behaviors, I found myself putting in more hours, and more dials, and with more attention to detail, there was more success. However, I was far from his stratospheric level of success. I was missing a piece. I was learning, but not teaching. I hadn’t yet reached mastery, nor should I have expected to — I was still developing the mindset.

Success is a mindset.

If you were raised in the traditional American education system, you were not programed for unlimited success. The accepted standard trades more time for more income. If we behave consistently for long enough, we could earn a risky retirement plan. And if not, what other option exists?

Wealthy people think about it all differently.

To be wealthy, you must be aware of your assets. Awareness of personal qualities that are valuable to others opens doors to new arenas of success. Wealthy people share their ideas and dreams openly with friends and family. It sounds too simple to be true. But it is the underlying component to establishing unlimited success, rich people do it all the time.

Still don’t see it? – That’s okay, I’ll explain.

At the surface level, ideas of success are based in comfort — get a good job, own a house, build a savings. However, these are all finite resources. Furthermore, they do nothing to grow you beyond your comfort zone.

I challenge this premise of comfort. Authentic success begins by achieving dreams from outside of our comfort zone. Success is personal growth and development. Yes, we may grow and develop from a level of comfort, but I am here to challenge YOU to take it a step further. Dream a Bigger Dream.

Become part of my network. Learn from the leaders, that lead me ..they’re always quick to lend a helping hand. When you master a new skill, teach it to someone else.

Help me build a network of personal development warriors! Let’s develop new dreams and achieve new accomplishments, together. Leave a detailed comment about a dream that you have, don’t be shy.

My ultimate dream in my heart of hearts is to acquire a remote tract of land to conserve and cherish as a spiritual retreat for peace seekers! Will you be joining me on your free time? We’ll certainly have some coffee — sustainably sourced Coffee for Dessert!

Big Dreamer, Bigger Achiever.

You can do anything if you set your mind to it. Oftentimes we all find ourselves falling back to this particular phrase for motivation. However, if I truly meant it each time I’ve used it, then I must admit I’ve sold myself short of my potential many times. Aim Higher, and Stick to It. I’ll place goal achievement atop my list for daily improvement.

Start meaning it.

I’m ready now. I can achieve anything that I set MY mind to. I mean it. And you can decide that today is your day to start achieving your dreams too. YOU can do anything YOU set YOUR mind to. And the best way to get started at this is by putting mental focus into practice. Starting now, right now, at this very moment, add this phrase to your lexicon:

All that you can do with everything that you’ve got!

Last week I turned 26. As I reflected upon my first 25 years, it became evident that moments of great accomplishment ought to be attributed not only to having set my mind towards a goal, but also from utilizing all of my skills to the best of my ability. Successful people combine useful skills, creatively — Successful people achieve dreams.

There is no time like the present to be living your dreams

2 responses to “Value Your Time – Dream Bigger”

  1. Successful people never say no to leadership opportunities / successful people always look to grow / successful people believe in their team / successful people provide growth opportunities for their peers and colleagues / successful people do not become complacent / stay true to the dream and take on the thrill of the roller coaster ride!


    1. Thank you! All great reasons to actively build successful habits into my daily routine.


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