The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me

“The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me” is an album released in 2006.

Band name: Brand New.

My age: 14.

My emotional crutch: This album.

Fast Forward to Today

I begin most days with several minutes in the shower reflecting upon a recent dream or recent social gatherings or recent readings. Today the nexus of my short reflection solidified the idea that indeed God and the Devil are having one hell of a rager inside of me. But also in my reflection, I remembered that The Devil and God also are raging within each of us — each of us have our own internal battles. The essence of being human is built upon a bitter internal conflict between good and evil. God says “Some knowledge is good in moderation.” And upon your path toward understanding God’s knowledge, the Devil teases you with a simple answer: “Ignore God; He’s just tricking you.” And the resonance of this perpetual battle can been heard clearly in endless permutations and countless interpretations of influential music. So, today, I listened to an old album that brought me great clarity as a teen.  And today the album sings an even deeper message than I heard 12 years ago.

Thank you for always being Brand New

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