Crypto for Normies

The energy surrounding crypto currency is surging continually. An ocean of incentives are available to those who maintain a positive balance in their wallet (just to name a few — Voyager ; Coinbase ; BlockFi).

Daily rebalancing strategies are born from on-chain volatility; anyone with a bit of internet access can ride these tides to harvest extra coins in proportion to their individual risk threshold. Innovations like Yotta for savings, hardware wallets by Square, and Bitcoin purchases through Venmo allow for a full service bank vault to be embedded into your handheld device. A full service currency exchange center exists at your fingertips. Literally.

Let’s take a step back and reflect about currency exchange centers.

Do you remember those booths we see at most airports, some shopping centers, and pretty much nowhere else?

They represent vital hubs for commerce. They allow immigrants to send wealth to their impoverished family members; entrepreneurs to cultivate business value in foreign lands; travelers to transact across all languages with a variety of currencies. The limitations of these conventional exchange centers are burdened, like most customer service businesses, at the level of human resources; fallible individuals are vital to maintaining the complex network of wire transfers.

The genuine benefits of global transaction networks vastly outweigh the downsides of poverty and disease. Although criminal enterprises might fund their cartels by lingering throughout the wealth network; humans must not be stopped from transacting as peers.

Modern cultures use inherited banking technologies to facilitate our transactions. Despite the birth of the new Millenium; and also the internet; the dot-com era..we have yet to fully upgrade our models for the present. Greed remains rampant.

To what extent should we trust a banking network to manage all of our wealth transfers?

When might we lose trust in our bank managers?

Who prevents the security guards from colluding with the drivers of armored trucks?

Will revolving doors, shiny tile floors, and security cameras always stop the desperate actor from acting on impulse?

Although these nodes and wires maintained by bankers have been proven trustworthy, are they still the best that we can do?

What if we could just add another layer of communications to speed up the network?

Could we reduce the fragility of wires, while making our essential nodes more robust?

What level of incentives would encourage a frictionless bridge for transferring wealth?

Our inherited networks for banking insist on charging substantial transaction fees to properly secure each wealth transfer. They imply that alternatives do not exist; that humans can only be trusted to a certain extent. Some might say human trust extends only an arms length away. Others believe in angels. Most realize that anyone might steal from another, if desperate enough.

Luckily, the implied global banking monopoly is not the only option; there is an alternative. Encoded languages within the internet allow for a competing method of wealth transfer..formerly it was referred to as “the world wide web!”

Through deep analysis of the most popular business models employed during our current decade, it isn’t hard to discover entrepreneurial opportunities woven into our blockchain technologies. The likes of Amazon, Twitter, Universities, and Municipalities, won’t have to wait much longer for competitors. Innovators are beginning to compete through our digital toolkits.

Time waits for no man. We all must change with the time! Here’s a deeper analysis into the potential for big businesses to transition to blockchains.

The Bitcoin whitepaper unlocked the code for blockchain development. Innovative technicians have learned to reproduce, and disperse a variety of invisible chains with good intentions.

Each chain competes for transactions by offering a variety of incentivizes. Validators decrypt transactions to validate the network and facilitate transfers of wealth. Some chains secure a substantial portion of the network value by offering staking incentives to holders of particular coins. Some coins even extend the ability to cast votes for or against community wide decisions. I recommend this behemoth if you are looking for more information about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

At a fundamental level, banks are competing for crypto currency transactions. Soon, they’ll have CBDC’s and the competition will heat up. Can the old guards generate enough incentives to inspire a new generation of savers?

As I write this review in the second week of July, my loving partner is still awaiting her June paycheck to arrive from across the sea. A few innovative blockchain applications could have facilitated the transaction in a matter of moments (do you remember these — Voyager ; Coinbase ; BlockFi).

Her publisher certainly was able to print out the valuable articles she had contributed. Why couldn’t she be paid on the spot, the moment her work was completed?

I guess that’s a question for the IRS or some other tax collector. Business owners tend to clear their debts as soon as possible.

(EDIT: on July 8, 2021: Businesswire Press Release relayed a global banking update, noting that SWIFT will utilize a ‘pre-validation service’ (via API) to improve cross-border payments speeds with ‘a hassle-free solution for up to 11,000 financial institutions and 4 billion accounts in 200 countries.’

Today, anywhere on Earth, every person can be paid via smart contract. When the work is complete, an unalterable registered contract will trigger a wealth transfer — it’s like writing a check, except easier and faster!

Encoded programs, once audited, cannot be mistaken. It’s just a series of 1s and 0s. Smart contracts are the proper method for communicating digital transactions.

Yes, criminal enterprises might also attempt to work around these edges to fund their cartels. Maybe they’ll develop malicious contracts. AT&T still can’t stop spam robo calls from harrassing us daily. But in the end, Good beats Evil, optimism prevails, most people are GOOD — & much like Elon, I’d rather be optimistic and wrong, than pessimistic and right.

Feel free to join the perspective.

from the Album — Elon: A Space Odyssey by Akira the Don


Networks of blockchains allow the good nodes to outnumber the bad wires because EVERYONE can access our digital networks of exchange; you don’t need to wait in line at the bank, or at the airport counter to acquire the best exchange rate.

Additionally, if your politicians over-tax and inflate your national currency, savers should have an escape plan in mind.

If the dollar goes underwater, will you be in line in time for the bank run..will you make it to Switzerland with any remaining collateral?

Maybe the CBDC’s will be worthwhile in the end??

The implications of replacing our conventions are outlined above. But let me be direct. Human error is the cost and risk in conventional wealth transfers. If someone inside the bank makes a mistake, they should be held accountable. In exchange for this accountability, we trust our banks to redistribute the excessive wealth that our trust generated (read:yields).

In crypto, we trust our developers to ship audited applications, which are unalterable, and imbreachable. The human who might make the error is just each one of us who hits the submit button for our own crypto currency transfer. Some might be making an erroneous decision, once I sent some MANA coins to the wrong address..ugh.

Patience is a virtue, greed is rampant, trust your gut — if you do your due diligence, no one will be stealing your wealth; perfection is overrated.

–but what about all the fees–

To grow wealth digitally, you must tolerate volatility, and fees. It is part of the process. Yes, you will incur some fees along your journey towards digital wealth; likewise, your leather wallet and fire-safety box will require a small sacrifice. But you rest assured because your assets are safe and secure.

Carry the same concept in mind as you reimburse Coinbase; rest assured that your node is maintained within a secure application.

Too easy, fine, maybe you have reason to distrust Coinbase. They are listed on the NASDAQ after-all.

And stock markets can fall to zero. Public companies can disintegrate into oblivion.

If you are on the side that distrusts wealth outright, crypto currency is still the solution for you!

— Haven vaults, Ledger Wallets, Cold Storage, Liquidity Pools…this world is yours..uncensorable and available on-demand —

Excessive wealth (read:yields) is abundant!

You won’t even need to talk to another human to start earning the attractive yields offered by blockchain networks. Simply opt-in, and opt-out as you please.

Crypto currencies are the newest form of transactions for humans. They are foreign to our intuitive minds. Merchants throughout history have wrestled with their conscience to remain honest in their transactions. The first notion of a checking account was perhaps equally foreign within the minds of those Renaissance men.

Crypto currencies are not too complicated. They are currency. They are a current method of transaction; secured with cryptography, rather than guarded vaults. Crypto-currencies are not cryptic, secretive or alien. They are transparent chains of transactions. The human mind is limited. Crypto currencies upgrade our value systems to exist beyond our limitations.

It is within your domain to become your own banker!
Do it. Start small. Hold your own collateral.
Lend digital coins to anonymous peers.
HODL some Bitcoin, see how it feels.
Buy some gold and silver too while you’re at it, why not??

What are bankers doing for us..can we do some of it ourselves?

It all boils down to trust.

Do you trust the innovations of the last 2 decades?

Or is it all just smoke and mirrors?

Jump in the River!

Brose The Ghost

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