The Man Who Never Sleeps: A Legend

The Man Who Never Sleeps — Winding up my mind is a man who never sleeps. At waking he reminds me of the time he always keeps. Through the seasons of the summers and the whispers of the winters, A wound up man inside my mind plans on but can’t forget. ***Fiddle*** Once upon aContinue reading “The Man Who Never Sleeps: A Legend”

The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me

“The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me” is an album released in 2006. Band name: Brand New. My age: 14. My emotional crutch: This album. Fast Forward to Today I begin most days with several minutes in the shower reflecting upon a recent dream or recent social gatherings or recent readings. Today theContinue reading “The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me”