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The Chess Zone
Sharpen Your Skills

Test your skills in The Chess Zone with Coach Chad!
My repository of classic tactic puzzles, fierce tournament analysis, and awful blunders just might unlock some of your untapped potential. I wish you the best of luck!!!

DJ Brose
“Take It Easy, Love Nothing”

Want to travel to a new dimension? I have hundreds of playlists queued up and ready for you. Turn up the volume and get your dancing feet ready. I’ll take you on a journey through time and space via music!

Current Events
Optimized Social Media

Overwhelmed by the talking heads on TV? Yeah, me too! Check in on Brose the Ghost’s current events page to stay up to date with the best content across social media. I’m tuned into some of the best minds on the internet; and I’m trying to spread the wealth around.

Chess Strategy

Strong minds make stronger decisions..exercise your brain..


Life is Suffering..Life is Beauty..Life is Love

“Take it easy, but take it!”

 Can You Imagine Magic – Youtube Series


Challenge my beliefs about anything & everything, please!!

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Coffee for Dessert serves as a repository for sharing ideas. All photos are used with permission from the photographer!

Our blog is curated by the Founder, cd.ambrose — some pages are under construction; thanks for your patience!!

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