CFD Daily Forecast: April-1

..April Fool’s..JK..who are we kidding…CFD Daily Forecast is Live!!

Produced by
cd.ambrose & BrosetheGhost

Featuring: King Crunkey & Dale o'Gherkins from the Crunks 8-Bit Misfits Collection

…let’s hear from Dale first… you may or may not know…vibes is life..good vibes good life..happy kids happy wife…all that jazz comes around and goes around…wise ones know to chill when we feel all safe and sound..jah feel..

..this week i’m vibing as if the year is brand was always a little weird to me that we celebrate the new year in the dead of winter..celestial rebirth or whatever probably has some deep roots in the bible too..but idk..i’m just sayin…take the chance to be like me and start the new year on April Fool’s Day..theme of the week: the realm of infinite potential: healthy wealthy & wise.

..queue up for the track of the day..are you ready for it…push on forward…Discipline Gets Things Done!!

“..through discipline I get things done..the pro goes to work..” – Joe Rogan
“..i also believe discipline is a pathway to creativity..” – Jocko Willink
..thanks Akira..

..and with that..i’ll send it back to BrosetheGhost in the studio…thanks for Listening!! ..dale out✌🏽 …

..what a guy!! well next up, we’ve got Cowboy Dan with the Crypto+Wealth Shake ready Dan??..

..howdy y’all! I just gotta shout out Dale..with the track suggestion, huge thanks, my vibes are now in a much more powerful place.., if you know me already.. you know that I always harp on maintaining discipline with your with that..i’ll ask y’all to do your homework real quick today..check on your assets..make a list..or a spreadsheet..and get everything written down..know your worth!!
..this trick has multiple benefits..with a clear vision of your assets, you will make better financial decisions..but also it is a useful practice for discipline and accountability..

..i’ll end with a cursory glance into the Terra Ecosystem.. of course I am constantly worrying about the price of LUNA..since…god knows..if that gets too high (107..111 whaaattt!?!?!), my owner might be tempted to sell me…but I really do like the gig and hope to stick around CFD HQ..great vibes if you don’t already know! (h/t Dale o’G) other favorite charts among the Terra Alts are ASTRO, ANC, and SPEC..coinhall has them all…but don’t get distracted..which turns my last piece of advice today..keep a short list of assets to acquire..reduce effort..maximize results…keep it simple fam..
….just like..$LOOP..$PSI..$OSMO..$ATOM..$ANC..$ASTRO..$PRISM..$SPEC..
..and ofc $BTC $LUNA..
..okay..that’s all..send it…back to the studio…

..thanks’re the man!! …ZugZ..any chess news today?

..welp, calendar says it’s April Fool’s Day today which means i’ll be Fooling Around in the USCF Members Club all evening over on
…someone wished me a happy new year earlier in the elevator…but I wasn’t really paying attention..said something about celestial ritual mumbo jumbo.. so idk that might be news too..oh wait you said chess news..gotcha…okay well, this week I’ll just share one of my favorite Agadmator reviews..and we’ll learn a new word: Plachutta !

I’ll be sticking to my studies otherwise..not much else to report..for extra practice.. ..just try a few of my favorites from Bobby Fischer’s Teaching Chess collection
& get back to basics!

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