CFD Daily Forecast: April-8

..mic check 1-2-one-two…CFD Daily Forecast is Live!!

Produced by
cd.ambrose & BrosetheGhost

Featuring: King Crunkey & Dale o'Gherkins from the Crunks 8-Bit Misfits Collection

…let’s hear from Dale first… you may or may not know…vibes is life..good vibes good life..happy kids happy wife…all that jazz comes around and goes around…wise ones know to chill when we feel all safe and sound..jah feel..

..this week i’m vibing as if the year is brand was always a little weird to me that we celebrate the new year in the dead of winter..celestial rebirth or whatever probably has some deep roots in the bible too..but idk..i’m just sayin…take the chance to be like me and start the new year on April Fool’s Day..theme of the week: No Barriers: Rise Above.

..queue up for the track of the are you feeling..are you good??
..guess what you can do this….Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back!!

“..if you only see a hierarchy as power and tyranny..
..then you are looking at the world wrong!..” – Jordan B Peterson
..thanks Akira..

..and with that..i’ll send it back to BrosetheGhost in the studio…thanks for Listening!! ..dale out✌🏽 …

..what a guy!! well next up, we’ve got Cowboy Dan with the Crypto+Wealth Shake ready Dan??..

..howdy y’all! I just gotta shout out Dale..with the track suggestion, i need to hear that, I know that I have some untapped potential to unleash.., if you know me know that I always harp on keeping things’s always been a battle between bad habits and good instincts for me..yet sometimes my habits are too lazy and my instincts are too fierce.. with that..i’ll tell ya what I’m working on today..being patient, present and active…be here shows keeps me standing up straight! be here now! for the rest of the on your list..complete the task and move onto the next one..don’t ruminate on things beyond your control.. 1 thing at a time..then soon the list is clear..stretch out and relax!

..if you made a spreadsheet last week..check in on it real quick..anything to add..anything forgotten? If not..move along..just know your worth!!

..i’ll end with a cursory glance into the Terra Ecosystem.. of course I am constantly worrying about the price of LUNA..since…god knows..if that gets too high, my owner might be tempted to sell me…but I really do like the gig and hope to stick around CFD HQ..great vibes if you don’t already know! (h/t Dale o’G) other favorite charts among the Terra Alts are ASTRO, ANC, and SPEC..coinhall has them all…but don’t get distracted..which turns my last piece of advice today..keep a short list of assets to acquire..reduce effort..maximize results…keep it simple fam..
..okay..that’s all..send it…back to the studio…

..thanks’re the man!! …ZugZ..any chess news today?

..welp, this week I’ve been playing well… so that means i’m gonna put on some fancy clothes to look good while I play good over in the USCF Members Club all evening over on
…any good jokes on Twitter this week..let’s see..oh wait you said chess news..gotcha…okay well, this week Agadmator released another good one here:
I’m sticking to my studies though..not much else to report..try a few of my favorites from Bobby Fischer’s Teaching Chess collection to get back to basics!

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