“Yo Brose, I want to sell some Art..can you help me out?”

..finally we have discovered the right question..
..luck be damned, you’re already talking to the right guy!

I am a problem solver.

Artists, whether visual or audio, come near, I can help you stitch together an independent marketing plan. Listen close..it’s not a scam..NFTs are the missing piece of your endeavor.

“..oh come on, now..NFTs you’ve gotta be kidding…”


NFTs are all about locking data into a contract. The same idea is what gave raise to the value of CDs, DVDs, Records, Cassettes, Books, Paintings, Autographs, and more. Artists work with a producer ($$money managers$$) to ensure that they are locking the correct data into the physical item being sold.

But over the last decade, works of art have largely moved into a digital realm. Frankly, artists could setup an email distribution list for their fans and just communicate directly – no producer needed if you don’t need upfront capital to bring your project to the full scale of your vision.

However, we can do even better than emailing files to our fans. We can also do better than sharing files directly on social media. Rather than asking your producer to front capital, of which fans will reimburse the producer if the project is a success..and the producer gives the artist a cut of that revenue…

… it is now possible to launch the project into a digital marketplace, and sorry producers, you’re being cut out of the middle man role…find something else to help with…like marketing and creative vision…any artist can launch the product themselves..they just need to lock data into a contract..and voila…show it to your fans..if they like it..they can buy…

“..but Brose, that means I take on all the risk..and if it fails…who bails me out?”

..great point, the notion of a producer (or perhaps record label might make an even better analogy), oftentimes is a backstop that limits risk to artists. Additionally, record labels have been in a better position to employ legal defenses of artists who might become victims of copyright infringements.

..if crypto is all about being your own banker, NFTs are about being your own label..

Soo if you see the potential of cutting out the middle man of your next project, to experiment with cutting edge digital technologies..stay tuned for my upcoming guide for launching an NFT project.

Here is the teaser version: the options for launching NFTs are broad, but some tried and true blockchains have shown the resiliency of their marketplaces..whichever launchpad you choose for your next project might just change the way your fans interact with your art for the rest of your career!

I’ll be back to this topic soon, until then, DYOR research and I wish you the best of luck!


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