The Immortal Bullet Mate: Waiting in Line

Check out this #chess game: 11brose vs Reinosoff –

Coach Chad pulled out all the stops during this game while waiting in line on a hot Friday afternoon. The beauty of chess is that anyone can grab a game anywhere at anytime..even while running errands (disclaimer: do not–I repeat!! DO NOT– attempt to play chess while driving or operating other heavy machinery!!!!)

So long as you are able to focus all of your energy on the game in front of you, you can pull out a brilliant immortal attack too!


This game comes from Coach Chad’s study of the polish opening 1. b4


b4 games always have an element of excitement, and this one satisfies! White gambits the entire queenside pawn brigade to aggressively open attacking lanes. Fast forward to 17. Nf6 for the ah-hah puzzle as white’s knights manage to lay en-prise while uncovering a brilliant tempo!


This battle is absolutely fantastic
, and Coach Chad has submitted it to several other coaches to consider among their collections of immortal games!

For more, see Chapter 9 from The Chess Zone lichess study “The Polish Spike” —


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Check out this #chess game: 11brose vs Reinosoff –


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