..just winging it with a wild Ware Attack!

Check out this #chess game: 11brose vs AinseilGato – https://www.chess.com/live/game/15133583397 ..after another long night in the blitz arena, coach Chad began exploring some unusual openings to close off the session.. ..most coaches are right to advise against wing attacks, however those same coaches might reconsider after seeing the piece activity that coach Chad cooks upContinue reading “..just winging it with a wild Ware Attack!”

The Immortal Bullet Mate: Waiting in Line

Check out this #chess game: 11brose vs Reinosoff – https://www.chess.com/live/game/5465429363 Coach Chad pulled out all the stops during this game while waiting in line on a hot Friday afternoon. The beauty of chess is that anyone can grab a game anywhere at anytime..even while running errands (disclaimer: do not–I repeat!! DO NOT– attempt to playContinue reading “The Immortal Bullet Mate: Waiting in Line”