Kingside Intimidation: Make it Look Beautiful

Check out this bullet mate played by 11brose –


Coach Chad keeps a selection of sneaky tricks from his speed runs through the online bullet arenas.

In this game, Coach Chad plays a dubious opening style from behind the black pieces to test the following hypothesis: aggressive H-pawn intimidation will suffocate the kingside fianchetto.

After aggressively pushing his central pawns during the opening, Coach Chad continues with relentless pressure on the kingside..holding strong to his intentions of creating something beautiful out of an ugly game!

When you play a lot of bullet chess..most games will become quite ugly!

Nevertheless, it’s always entertaining to create a successful pawn storm against passive development ideas!

So, let it now be known that aggressive chess can indeed smother kingside fianchetto ideas…especially during speed chess, but don’t count on it over-the-board, unless you’re truly a lunatic!


Here’s the link to more analysis on the game, from Chapter 5 of Coach Chad’s study: Opening Tricks and other Quick Wins.


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I wish you the best of luck!!

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