..where does god live?

..it wasn’t long after sundown..the dry leaves scratched along the concrete, adding contrast to the howling winds..and he began to weep.. back to the dreams.. back to the terror.. the horror… Sirens… Is it worse where they’re headed…than here..in my cold muddled abode squeezed in between the freeways…but the sunshine..oh it was nice today…and that kind working man offered his sandwich..but I betcha he’s eating a nice hot steak for dinner…with his wife..and kids..and scraps for the dog…all will be left behind to just dream of…



Sir.. they’re calling for you

Me? What.. who am i?

You’re the one they are all waiting for..

What?! What am I supposed to tell em?

Whatever you’re thinking..I guess?

..so the childish old man wanders toward them…he gazes across the silent..expectant crowd..a tear builds in his eye…and breaks onto his cheek..then he begins to speak..

..happiness, like love, lives on..wherever it is left..so bring it everywhere you go..

..then he walked off stage.


..later on he was seen again, floating in a muddy puddle..sitting on a lilypad..playing chess with the water droplets..dreaming of jesters in the castle..

..there was once a rumor that he vacations in the Tetons..

..and a few also claim the Grand Canyon as his only throne..

..but as Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie both have known all along..is this little secret I’m sharing to day….god lives all ways in you ♾

..be infinite..


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