King Crunkey and MooonKey lead the OG Crunkeyland Mission

..young Crunkey was nominated to lead the OG Crunkeyland Mission by Uncle Paul who also negotiated for his friend Ringer to provide the necessary collateral to initiate the mission. In acceptance of his duty, young Crunkey became King Crunkey, and began building the essential leadership team for the journey. Once everyone made their commits toContinue reading “King Crunkey and MooonKey lead the OG Crunkeyland Mission”

Intern 8082 aka Brose o’Ghost

..all of the CrunkeyLand Tales can be told here by Intern 8082, who was a chosen by King Crunkey from a lottery of 9,999 participants who wanted to join the OG mission to Crunkeyland. The winner is required to document the mission and report back to Crunktown weekly, and so here we are..Intern 8082 reportingContinue reading “Intern 8082 aka Brose o’Ghost”

Yogi o’Yieldy, uOFG

-unOfficial Finace Guru- Yieldy is a free man, born with diamond hands nevertheless, he chooses to serve as Ringer’s sidekick and also as King Crunkey’s accountant. “Discipline equals freedom” is his mantra..pretty much the only thing he ever says..mostly he just points at hot charts..and reinvests airdrops.—/10a – Yogi o’Yieldy – Crunk #7973/ ..many ofContinue reading “Yogi o’Yieldy, uOFG”