Yogi o’Yieldy, uOFG

Yogi o’Yieldy

-unOfficial Finace Guru-

Yieldy is a free man, born with diamond hands nevertheless, he chooses to serve as Ringer’s sidekick and also as King Crunkey’s accountant. “Discipline equals freedom” is his mantra..pretty much the only thing he ever says..mostly he just points at hot charts..and reinvests airdrops.

/10a – Yogi o’Yieldy – Crunk #7973/ ..many of the wealthiest Crunks around Town owe all of their riches to their ole pal Yieldy –Yieldy is a fly Crunk, born with diamond hands, nonetheless! — Brings recurring wealth to his network by offering non-Financial-Advice-as-a-Service..
/10b – Yogi o’Yieldy – Crunk #7973/ ..Yieldy is a real innovator in nFAaaS ..was early to specialize in manifesting wealth through entertainment.. ..it all started with graffiti and silly billboards..then all the sudden..Yieldy found his ideas spreading uncontrollably..
/10c – Yogi o’Yieldy – Crunk #7973/ ..eventually Yieldy found his time was increasingly in demand and so nowadays he usually just shares his ideas with Kings and Cowboys..although you might get some free advice from Yieldy if y’all are playing the same game 😉
/10d – Yogi o’Yieldy – Crunk #7973/ ..Yieldy mostly just points at hot charts..and reinvests airdrops. ..although he can be harsher after a couple beers: “..diamond handed since my first allowance..it takes a while to grow a set like these..follow me to get started”

Yogi o’Yieldy, Crunk #7973

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