Steve Stinger

Steve Stinger

Stinger is the herb manager and joint roller at Kush & Myrrh Supply Co. Young Crunkey grew up with Sting and they have a deep history back in Crunktown..Stinger’s dad, Ringer, is a best friend of Uncle Paul; (King Crunkey’s Uncle Paul was pretty much a father to young Crunkey.) ..Ringer and Uncle Paul — Stinger and young Crunkey seem like a small family network sometimes and often are accused for their blatant nepotism and cronyism whenever things go awry in Crunkeyland. .. King Crunkey invited Sting to join during the OG Crunkeyland mission, but Sting wanted to stay flexible..he wanted to try glitching around for the next epoch..but after a few glitches..was over it and asked King Crunkey for a job in Crunkeyland after all. King Crunkey honored the request without a second of thought because it would be of utmost mutual benefit to have such a great herb farmer around; Stinger was ready to settle down; and they were essentially brothers, just from other fathers and mothers.


for theCrunks Comics Contest: Check his resume below —
/5a – Steve Stinger – Crunk #5214/ Stinger serves as the Herb Manager and Chief of Joint Integrity at Kush & Myrrh Supply Co..he is one of a Few certified Purple Haze suppliers around Crunktown..and with his best bro Hazey Blaise/6a/at his side, Steve hoards total market control

Steve Stinger

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