Rodger Ringer

/2a – Rodger Ringer – Crunk #6747/ – Rodger is Randy’s older brother and is another cofounder of RingLeader Investments and also the Dean of Training at Ape-In FC. – Coach Rodger orchestrates one of the finest training academies in Crunktown, with Coaches for all modern skills! /2b – Rodger Ringer – Crunk #6747/ –Continue reading “Rodger Ringer”

Randy Ringer

/1a – Randy Ringer – Crunk #2873/ – Randy is the co-founder and talent scout at RingLeader Investment Company – Most of his days are spent haggling with Cowboys for fairly priced Zombies to keep his Fight Club Arena – Ape-In FC – well-stocked with sparring partners /1b – Randy Ringer – Crunk #2873/ –Continue reading “Randy Ringer”