Dec-4 2021: for the LUNAtics ๐ŸŒ”

Well if you are just learning about LUNA, then you’ve found quite the exciting week to get involved. However most LUNA holders have been anticipating a move like this for quite a while.. leveraged liquidations are a great catalyst in my opinion! Hopefully you’re holding on just fine through this shake out. Seems to meContinue reading “Dec-4 2021: for the LUNAtics ๐ŸŒ””

Within the Oak Forest

The reflection of moonlight before dawn illuminated the iridescent outlines of freshly formed dew drops in the brush. With great care, we followed our father’s footsteps through the tall grasses. The ambient frequencies of toads were amplified only by the crisp springtime air. As we entered the fringe of the towering oak trees, the canopyContinue reading “Within the Oak Forest”

Value Your Time – Dream Bigger

Wind the clocks, flip the hourglass, I’m back with a late-night snack. My first real job after college landed me behind the phones selling new websites to old plumbers. My moderate success in sales only developed after moving beyond the fear of rejection. A good organization will push its employees beyond their comfort zone toContinue reading “Value Your Time – Dream Bigger”

A Course Reflection – Philosophical Reasoning

  –Sharp Eye Sherlock– Logic in the words we say and ideas we express is taken for granted but when studied and examined, logic is not nearly as intuitive as it should seem.  Both inductive and deductive reasoning are present in all of our thoughts whether we realize it or not. Now that I realizeContinue reading “A Course Reflection – Philosophical Reasoning”

With a keen eye — sometimes — good news appears..

As an environmental studies major, environmental journalism was a required course. I think my professor would agree that journalism in many ways cannot be taught, but certainly can be edited. I did not excel in the course, but I managed to impress him with my final report. Enjoy a bit of conservation journalism below. [GEOLContinue reading “With a keen eye — sometimes — good news appears..”