This week at CFD we’ve kept moving forward and worked so hard that we ran out of coffee beans. No worries though, I know my Ambitious Roast is on the way from Aktion Coffee 😉
..i’ll make this update short and sweet though..need to go find some dark roast with espresso to get my Saturday running right!

COACH CHAD is done playing games and has the fire cranked up in THE CHESS ZONE..look out for weekly training sessions in your inbox tagged as [THE CHESS ZONE}! 💯🔥 also mentioned that TCZ’s Beginner Series is rolling out too 👀👀!

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  • Apparently Congress got really confused and almost added a National Consumption Tax to replace the Federal Income Tax. I sure am confused. I think we should think that one over real good before we try again.

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  • More on-going FTX carnage!
  • LUNAtics are excited again….
  • AI tools are cool..but will they stick around..are they useful?
  • NFT communities still doing their thing..#CRUNKS #FINNEYS #MONGS
  • Delivery Driver’s are grinding…word has it that Coach Chad is gonna deliver all day and all night..tip big if you order out fam!
  • Oh’s the official CFD horoscope..believe it or not!?


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