Chess is like Football: The Shotgun Snap

Let’s start with a warm up game featuring a quick tactical win —

11brose vs ponchiss123 –

..alright alright, so my opponent made some pretty ugly moves here, but then again, that tends to happen more often when the pressure is on with an aggressive opening like 1. b4. — which reminds me of today’s theme, Chess&Football — which chess opening reminds you most of the shotgun snap?

— Our warm up game was perhaps a great example since the quick jump out of the opening for white can remind us of the snap decisions a quarterback might make when they receive the snap with room to throw…
— Yet, the shotgun snap isn’t always an aggressive perhaps when compared to a chess opening, maybe it is something more commonly drawish…
— But always, chess masters and football players know when to complicate the scenario just enough to turn the tables in their favor..
— Win, Lose or Draw, be courageous, call for the shotgun snap, when you know the moment is right!


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