..for the Lunatics: a Crypto Update from cd.ambrose, Jan-12

I am working on getting a routine in place for sharing my thoughts and general Crypto ideas on Clubhouse. Similarly, stay looking out for semi-weekly updates in this inbox! Please forward my messages to anyone who might be interested in my thoughts about Crypto+++

So, anyways, Have y’all had any reason to use the Clubhouse app before? Maybe I should get us started??


You should be able to use the link above to sign up and login, I’m planning to be live at 10:30 AM Central Time – tomorrow Thursday January-13 — there should also be a replay available afterwards!

Regardless of where you’re at, I hope this latest bout of volatility showed some opportunities to accumulate some more Crypto.

I added some more Luna and Atom, and also grabbed some Sol while everything was falling. Who knows really??

..I even heard a whisper that 23,000 BTC left the market..

Keep reading if you want a little more insight on how staking SOL, ETH, LUNA, ATOM and others can earn greater yields for long term holders.

On lido.fi , you can stake SOL (stSOL) similarly anyone has the ability to stake ETH (stETH). These staked tokens are then distributed by Lido to their respective validators on chain, which then earns rewards for holders of the stSOL or stETH.

However it doesn’t end there; the staked tokens still have utility and can be provided to liquidity pools. Terra leverages this in a unique way through the concept of bonded collateral and an application called Anchor — staked tokens can be used as bonded collateral to gain leverage through stable coins -particularly, $UST

– so if the concept of staked tokens leading to bonded collateral makes sense, then the next bullish announcement in the Terra ecosystem is that $Sol and $Atom are both in the auditing phase to become available as bonded collateral assets (bAssets) in the next few weeks.

-therefore I’m staking some Sol and am hopeful to use some stSOL as additional collateral on Anchor in the form of bSOL against my UST holdings; likewise I’m a big fan of ATOM, bATOM and the Cosmos ecosystem.

In a more macro sense of Crypto, it looks like the Fed is sitting on the fence since they can’t leave interest rates so low forever (or can they 😂). Yet Powell also mentioned that fairly regulated stablecoins can compete against eventual CBDCs. This to me implies that LUNA x UST is only going to gain more and more legitimacy from here on out as it competes to be most stable against USDC, BUSD, USDT and etc.

It also looks like the outline for a potential back end partnership between Terra’s blockchain and MasterCard is forming through Mastercard’s latest announcement of incubating several Crypto projects, one of which –Kash– is closely aligned with Terra and UST.


Phew that was alot, and of course none of my musings are ever intended as financial advice. NFA..DYOR..

I’ll try to unpack some of that more tomorrow during my Clubhouse session. Here’s that link again.


– that’s all for now..Brose

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Thanks for your support while we finalize our roadmap!
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Any non-terra tokens will be lost forever.
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