Unleash your Bishop Pair to Unlock all of the Tactics

Check out this #chess game: Garaikoetxea vs 11brose – https://www.chess.com/live/game/13963942833

In this game, the Borg strikes again. Once you trick your opponent with they Borg Gambit, they may become inclined to decline the offer, as seen in this game.

White still creates an interesting refutation by forcing a queen trade early.

However, Black ends up with stronger tactical ideas, largely thanks to an unstoppable pair of active, centralized bishops!

I reviewed the game for optimal play from stockfish for a few alternative ideas..which led to one particularly interesting endgame with passed pawns and pinned rooks..perhaps a similar variation would arise if this game were played on a slower time control!

Check out my analysis over on lichess!


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