How to score USCF rating points with your account

Step 1: Register for your USCF membership and pay your dues (yearly, bi-yearly, or lifetime) at the US Chess Membership Renewal Portal

Step 2: Create a profile

Step 3: Join the US Chess Members Only Club on — follow the link to their club, then use their form to connect your rating profiles.

Step 4: Confirm your membership has been approved by club moderator; monitor your message inbox on for any problems with your membership form. Sometimes the approval can take up to a day after requests..usually they are able clear the backlog before the upcoming tournament. There is also a thorough FAQ page available here.

Step 5: Check the US Chess – Members Only club schedule for live tournaments on —

Step 6: Click the join the tournament button from the live play lobby during the hour before the scheduled start time. Be aware that the Members Only rated tournaments will be denoted with *** at the beginning of the title.

Step 7: Prepare for some serious competition!! I wish you the best of luck, you can do this!!

— PS. the best experience for all of these USCF rated contests is on your computer..the mobile app has created some dubious glitches for Coach Chad in the past..if you are familiar with using a also will typically help your connection during blitz tournaments, however, a standard internet connection should be adequate for most games —


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