14 reasons why coach Chad should improve the quality of your ideas to make you a better chess player..14 methods how…14 weeks to go

1 — if you can’t beat coach Chad at all, with enough time and effort, he’ll teach you to see tricky tactics, defend against them, and then how to find the counter-attack!

2 — if you can learn to checkmate or draw against coach Chad occasionally, then you’ve also learned to implement stronger tactics..and are playing them with confidence..

3 — computers are either too strong or too weak, and therefore less effective at teaching scholastic level tactical thinking..a human coach, like coach Chad with 10,000+ games played at the intermediate level, will offer a more accurate perspective into the opponents strategy…to help grow through experience!

4 — strong chess players monitor accuracy and mistakes closely no matter which time control is used..and coach Chad has deep experience to share regardless of whether you are training for bullet, blitz, rapid, classical, or daily chess!

5 — how well do you really know your gambits.. not just the queens Gambit..but the more obscure series..coach Chad has collected hundreds of Gambit games to share and recreate with his students..to truly train against dubious tactical tricks..you must gain the experience..and coach Chad is a premier Gambit player!! I wish you all the best of luck

6 — do you have reasons for the opening sequence that you choose? Do you have some bad patterns that recur? Coach Chad will identify and target your opening weaknesses to erase mistakes from your intuitive mind.. in time, we’ll fine tune your opening repertoire, so that your prepared for anything that comes your way! Practice makes perfect!

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