Mastering the Royal Game: Guest Games

Check back here for some analyses of Master level games and other learning resources provided by our gracious guests!

The following game is analyzed by the Late and Great U.S. Master Reuben Fine. It is from his excellent collection of games compiled in 1948 in his book “The World’s a Chessboard”. Fine’s legacy as a chess player is admirable for its quality; he was -without question- one of the greatest US players from the WWII era. However, Chess did not pay the bills, and ultimately his mind was destined to be diversified beyond the world of chess. Once upon a Saturday afternoon, I found myself searching for guidance in my world of chess. My quest led me to Half Priced Books, in Austin, Texas. As I searched for wisdom in the titles of various chess strategy books “The World’s a Chessboard” caught my attention. No doubt, to Master anything, one must read a book, and when the search is truly genuine, the book just may choose its Master.. Follow along my journey!

And for our next guest, I bring forth a phantom game. This is a fun one. The ending position is spectacularly dull!