Terra Post-Mortem: Real Talk, Can the Devs do Anything? w/BrosetheGhost

What happened….Where was trust broken…Could this have been avoided…Any Ideas? // First of all, this was a liquidity issue…in hindsight…too much growth too fast…the Lunatics needed to have a more proactive sense of short-side liquidity reserves. We were close with regards to on-chain liquidation pools (re: Kujira); but outside liquidity on exchanges was no match…again,Continue reading “Terra Post-Mortem: Real Talk, Can the Devs do Anything? w/BrosetheGhost”

Dec-4 2021: for the LUNAtics 🌔

Well if you are just learning about LUNA, then you’ve found quite the exciting week to get involved. However most LUNA holders have been anticipating a move like this for quite a while.. leveraged liquidations are a great catalyst in my opinion! Hopefully you’re holding on just fine through this shake out. Seems to meContinue reading “Dec-4 2021: for the LUNAtics 🌔”