#GetCrunk – Limited Edition – 8-Bit Avatars

CoffeeForDessert’s Avatar Collection

TheCrunks Collection of 10,000
// 8-Bit Avatars // Launched for OGs October 23rd 2021 at 11:00 am Central Time USA // Public Minting Launched 4 hours later at 3:00 pm Central Time, and sold out all 10,000 units in the following 12 hours.
Secondary markets are open now!

Get in early to own a space in TheCrunks Comic Series Legacy.

Check out BrosetheGhost’s customized collection..stay tuned for auction announcements on Discord!

P.S. — respect the art, no screenshots please!

Coming Soon to Crunkeyland

Crunk #871 – o’Riannite and Luana the Retro Realm Protectors visit with King Crunkey and MooonKey.

Still Looking for some extra Crunks to Role Play as an arch nemesis, imposter and villain!

Also, looking for more employee roles at Banana Hammocks Crunk Cafe and Nightclub

..and maybe a few more farmers for Kush & Myrrh Supply Co (Justin Thyme??)

Just wait for it..it’s gonna be legendary…all-in..onwards to CrunkeyLand!

ENTER CrunkeyLand Below!

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