Focused Energy

The Chess Zone is all about Focused Energy..Focused Energy drives Chess Masters through their comfort zone towards achievements beyond belief!! Coach Chad practices adding focused energy during his chess games by maintaining strategies where his pieces focus their energy against his opponents weakest squares.

Even when Coach Chad takes breaks from Chess, he still focuses his energy on the sport. If you are like Coach Chad, and love seeing the sport of chess growing everywhere you look, then you must check out his list of chess voices on Twitter just below.

..chess is everywhere we look..stay up to date in the professional chess world with The Chess Zone Twitter list!

..and if you find yourself in search of night-time entertainment with a bit more value than Television re-runs, look no further than the video archive below.

With many options to choose from, there’s something for all chess fans to enjoy inside Coach Chad’s Youtube playlist “Mastering the Royal Game”. sure to subscribe and like the playlist too; this helps other Chess fans find The Chess Zone!

Coach Chad’s Youtube Playlist: Mastering the Royal Game

Coach Chad also updates his students over on Instagram with a daily puzzler series — try to solve some yourself, and follow @the.chesszone to see puzzles daily in your feed!

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