Playlist Review

Harmony : Music :: Water : Coffee

DJ Brose is mixing it up across the airwaves all-day everyday, be sure to grab the Stationhead app to stay tuned in!

His latest playlist is excellent for that mid-morning workflow..if you have a 20 minute task hiding behind the procrastination dragon..Today’s your lucky day! — tune into DJ Brose’s ambient playlist of the week!

If you know DJ Brose, you’d probably recall that his dance skills are highly suspect…nevertheless, he persists! But the days are few and far between when a dance party arises nowadays…but don’t despair.. DJ Brose has the cure — all ya need is some good speakers and comfy clothes.. a dance party awaits… turn it up for this week’s Supreme Meaningwave Vibe Regulation: we are Saving the Whirled! heaven, they say, the music is constant..but..someone else told me that heaven is a place on started looking for peace..or quiet..but all I could find this time lived deep inside the infinite realm of underground turn these up whenever your mind feels ill..don’t fret..just chill!

..the mind of DJ Brose travels through space and time to connect the dots from generation to generation..let’s get back to the classics now..time to visit That Special Place..where chaos and disorder meet in harmony!

..above all else, we must keep our minds free from negativity..if the anger bubbles up, just call up that Irie Rasta Man..and if that doesn’t fix it..rinse and repeat..jahhhfeeeeel…

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