DJ Brose

Music…a learning tool, a form of art, a spiritual guide, a moment of reflection, a technological innovation, a reminder of nature..

I’ve spent a great deal of my life ‘Alone’. Sitting at desks, driving in cars, flipping burgers on the overnight shift, cold calling disconnected phone lines. Many of my moments Alone were unavoidable. These are not intended as justifications to live a hermit lifestyle – socializing is important.

Check out this podcast for a deeper conversation about going it alone.

At moments when I find myself Alone, music reminds me of the nature, literature, and art that we all share. There’s no need to feel lonely, so long as I remember the connections of everything in the world. To that note, my musical journeys have led me deep into the web of related Spotify artists..

Please check out my online radio station!

Download the Stationhead app and follow my station everywhere you go.. — @11brose

I hope to inspire creativity and relax the mind for my listeners..

So, let me know if we share some favorite sounds!

I also enjoy getting lost in the labyrinth of Youtube. A wealth of knowledge exists in video form online. However, the automatic algorithm suggestions oftentimes send my quest for inspiration onto a chaotic spiral. Therefore, I have taken the time to create some personalized YouTube playlists that keep me on track.

Click here and subscribe to my channel.

If you’re like me, these ideas could keep you up all night, so grind up some espresso, and dive on in!



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