Brose the Ghost’s Daily Quote Collection from Twitter

Ever feel like you might be wasting a bit too much time scrolling through social media feeds? ..I certainly have felt the urge to just quit it all cold turkey many times..but soon after I have something new to share….

I do think social media has a proper role in our lives, so long as we keep it in check. Once I learned about tweetdeck, I became much more mindful about my twitter account. Over the last 2 years I have been curating some timeless posts, as well as bookmarking my favorite tweeters in their various lists.

Just below is a list featuring accounts that I enjoy hearing from on a semi-daily basis!

No need to be overwhelmed by Twitter — just check out this list when you need some daily updates!

Twitter has become so prevalent in daily life. Luckily, they’ve built tools like lists and collections to help sort through the online noise, while still following a broad audience. Check out some of Brose’s favorite Quotes in the collection below.

In the Jungle of trash talk on Twitter,
Brose the Ghost recovers and re-serves the finest
vocabulary in the collection “Quotes”

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