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Crypto for Normies

The energy surrounding crypto currency is surging continually. An ocean of incentives are available to those who maintain a positive balance in their wallet (just to name a few — Voyager ; Coinbase ; BlockFi). Daily rebalancing strategies are born from on-chain volatility; anyone with a bit of internet access can ride these tides toContinue reading “Crypto for Normies”

Double Bishop + Knight Sacrifice Discovers a Hidden Fortress to Force Draw by Repetition!

This game was an instant classic!!! Coach Chad sacrificed both bishops and a knight to build a dubious fortress..but lo and behold, his pawns held control over the center of the board just long enough for the queen and rook to get into coordination! Sadly for white, all of the kings men were either outContinue reading “Double Bishop + Knight Sacrifice Discovers a Hidden Fortress to Force Draw by Repetition!”

The Borg Requires Perfection: A Wild Comeback

Check out this #chess game: ricardopimentakenpo vs 11brose – https://www.chess.com/live/game/5051475105 https://lichess.org/study/ui6jHWQe/OZdnoJbV .˙. In this game, White outplays the tricky borg gambit through the opening, despite a dubious knight sacrifice, but black battles back despite the rook vs knight exchange… the pressure remains high throughout the game and eventually white blunders but the missed mate isn’tContinue reading “The Borg Requires Perfection: A Wild Comeback”

What is Chess?

Chess is a sea in which a gnat may drink and en elephant may bathe.
– Hindu Proverb

Full Moon Playlist: Exploring the Boundless Limits

..challenge your borders, embrace natural freedom.. .. spring has sprung among the northern continents..most of our clocks have acclimated to optimal daylight hours.. and our winter dreams are spiraling upwards! .. the yearly retrospective is interesting.. we seem to have reached a steadier trajectory.. it’s still quite windy..trust the prevailing gusts of intuition! .. asContinue reading “Full Moon Playlist: Exploring the Boundless Limits”


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