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All Bark-No Bite: Refocus Your Attacking Energy

Check out this #chess game: 11brose vs Arcadial – https://www.chess.com/live/game/6038878489 .˙. Most bullet games pull heavily on the intuitive attacking patterns. This game explores one of those patterns against black’s kingside castle; following on from the McDonnell attack (e4 f4) against the Sicilian (c6). Black defends properly while White continues to throw out dubious tactics.Continue reading “All Bark-No Bite: Refocus Your Attacking Energy”

Crypto for Normies

The energy surrounding crypto currency is surging continually. An ocean of incentives are available to those who maintain a positive balance in their wallet (just to name a few — Voyager ; Coinbase ; BlockFi). Daily rebalancing strategies are born from on-chain volatility; anyone with a bit of internet access can ride these tides toContinue reading “Crypto for Normies”


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