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Welcome to Coffee For Dessert.

Put on a fresh pot!

My name is Chad Ambrose. I am the founder of Coffee For Dessert and The Chess Zone. I began this adventure on a calm night in February 2017 with the hopes of getting some ideas written down. Nothing more, nothing less. I needed a place to grow and share my ideas. As I combed through the countless essays I’ve archived throughout my academic career, it dawned on me to add some more context and organize them to share. Ultimately, if we want to make the internet a better place, we need to hop online and be a part of the change.

As I continue along this blogging adventure, I am 26 years old, working 9 to 5, and searching for more truth, more patience, and more enlightenment. As I learn, so might you.

Follow along on this journey through life. Check out my various short stories, essay excerpts, and philosophical reflections. Shoot me a comment if you have any questions yet to be answered.

In 2018, I stretched my creative skills to share new stories with you all. I also began Coaching Chess for The Knight School in Austin, TX. Helping children to develop a passion for problem solving is immensely gratifying.

In 2019, I am expanding my creative content into realms of audio and video to complement my writings. Check out my video “Plant Life” over on my Youtube channel.

Unfortunately, I can’t coach chess all day long. 

However, my hard work in Maps Quality Testing has spurred the New Year off to a great start. I have secured a leadership role on a software development team as a quality analyst. Each day, I learn more and more about new ways to create better technology as team.

The internet is a wonderful tool, and I am intent on providing valuable online experiences. Click the options button at the top right corner to find all of my available content.

I am especially captivated with the study of Chess; and hence, The Chess Zone has been added. Do you remember how to setup a chessboard? Let’s play! — 11brose at

That’s all for now, is your coffee still hot?

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