Full Moon Playlist: Exploring the Boundless Limits

..challenge your borders, embrace natural freedom.. .. spring has sprung among the northern continents..most of our clocks have acclimated to optimal daylight hours.. and our winter dreams are spiraling upwards! .. the yearly retrospective is interesting.. we seem to have reached a steadier trajectory.. it’s still quite windy..trust the prevailing gusts of intuition! .. asContinue reading “Full Moon Playlist: Exploring the Boundless Limits”

New Moon Playlist

This evening we all will share our second new moon of the year! Can you believe were into February already? A year ago I was settling into a new rental home with Taylor! This year, I’m able to stay put and bolster my routines!! Use the new moon energy to reflect upon a personal improvementContinue reading “New Moon Playlist”

Full Moon Playlist

Tonight looks bright, it’s a full moon way out there, marking the first peak of our lunar cycle this year! Allow the full force of creative lunar energy to travel through your mind and bring all chaos to the forefront! From the chaos, beautiful order will emerge! Here is a great playlist to use whileContinue reading “Full Moon Playlist”

New Moon Playlist

Today’s a new moon, the first new moon of our year! Use the fresh energy to begin a new routine. Here is a great playlist to use while celebrating the new lunar cycle! playlist not working? here’s a back-up link. For listening on the go, just follow the link and open the playlist in yourContinue reading “New Moon Playlist”