Nature and the Cosmos: The Great Paradox of Conscious Creation

Look around & notice the fractals. Objects that cannot be attributed to the physical creation of man are easily distinguished from manmade objects when defining their fractal dimensions. The definition of fractals can be boiled down to: patterns arising from a mathematical plot that have the same dimension (amount of jaggedness/disorder) regardless of zoom level. […]

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And then it struck, like an infinitely-black bolt of laughter, rousing my infantile soul from a florescent field of lily-pads; Shiva balanced me with all 8 arms, and said “ahh, but now, my son, you’ll see.” . . . . . . . . — A life of beatific vision. — . . . . […]

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Hidden in Finite

Behind each moment Hidden in the wind Leaves are dancing Once upon a stellar twilight ..Calmness Looking closely within Mind is word Breath is wind Life is sound Work is harmony If only we could stop the wind, the dancers could rest, the authors could sleep, the priests could play ..but the music would end […]

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We Are One

When I am Alone, I am not by my self. When I have no one, I have forgotten I am One. Stay with me each moment Enjoy each as its own Together

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Wake Up Wealthy

If you became a millionaire overnight, what would you do differently tomorrow? — I’d buy more rounds of drinks for my friends, and I’d clean out the butcher counter at my local grocery store, but would my desires and inspirations change? Would I immediately start giving my inheritance away to struggling mothers and homeless clinics? […]

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The Hero’s Journey

On the search for my ideal self, I uncovered the hero residing within. May we always strive to live lives of serendipitous compromise. And although this introduction is indeed vague, how else can I humbly introduce my story? I am, and always will be, the hero of my story. If I were any other character […]

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