The Links to Chess Greatness

..okay, Coach Chad this all sounds great.. i think i could do it.. but it’s still kinda confusing.. this is alot of information….

I know, I know, just take it one day at a time..use a daily puzzle limit to build a routine.. I recommend puzzle rush on to really build that confidence..when you see the winning move..take it! and keep working for a daily best, perhaps after your morning yoga/meditation!

Unlocking Patterns of Thought? — Try Chess

I remember my first failure. There were many pieces remaining, but the grin on my opponents face deemed the board irrelevant as he deftly moved his rook to h8..”Checkmate!” At age 8, I was shocked. I felt defeated. I failed and I didn’t even know where I went wrong. And as we worked back throughContinue reading “Unlocking Patterns of Thought? — Try Chess”