Dec-4 2021: for the LUNAtics πŸŒ”

Well if you are just learning about LUNA, then you’ve found quite the exciting week to get involved.

However most LUNA holders have been anticipating a move like this for quite a while.. leveraged liquidations are a great catalyst in my opinion!

Hopefully you’re holding on just fine through this shake out. Seems to me like it’s mostly leveraged players unwinding large positions on BTC with some cascading effects.

LUNA seemed to outperform almost the entire market and is still pushing new ATHs this morning against it’s BTC pair.

Weekly chart back to April

Daily close for the past month

This week’s volatility

I’m looking to accumulate more LUNA for a new floor near .001 BTC while BTC searches for strength after it’s latest downturn below 50k.

Fundamental case for LUNA is unchanged, if not stronger than ever.

Have a great weekend! Just HODL πŸ‘» πŸ˜‰

And I’m not sure if y’all are Twitter or not, but if you do, here’s a list of LUNA influencers who are always commenting on the market movements and help guide some of my trading. I’m @brosetheghost πŸ‘»

-i wish you the best of luck…brose ✌🏼

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